This website is operated by IMH/NAMS to provide gambling and addictions related counselling, information and support to the user. If you have non-gambling or non-addiction related concerns, we may refer you to another resource or helpline that could serve your needs better.
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Security of the Gambling Help Online website
The user should be aware that the Internet is an insecure public network, and there are potential risks that your communication is being viewed or intercepted by third parties. We strongly caution that if you are about to reveal any incriminating and potentially embarrassing information about yourself, you may wish to consider calling our telephone helpline instead. Due to the inherent security problems on the world wide web, there is a risk that anything you put in writing may be accessed by agencies or individuals who could use such information against you.

Quality of Information
We will do our best to ensure that the information we provide is accurate. However, regulations and policies can change over time. The user should check to ensure that the information we provided is accurate and complete, and relevant to the user’s needs. We cannot guarantee or assume legal liability for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information.

Links to external websites
On occasion, we may refer the user to other resources (including other websites) for further assistance. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information provided by these other resources. The user should exercise due caution when downloading information from any website that we may refer you to, in order to protect yourself against viruses and other malicious software.

When you provide your personal information during online chats and counselling sessions, we will ensure that such information is kept confidential. We will not share your information with other organizations or individuals without your consent, except where we are required to do so by the law. In particular, if it is assessed that you are at serious risk of harming yourself or someone else, or if there is a clear child protection issue, we may have to contact the appropriate authorities. We may keep transcripts of online chat and counselling sessions for training and supervision purposes. We will de-identify such transcripts, which means that all identifiers that could potentially link you to the transcript will be removed to protect your identity.